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Wham Bam Boxes

While every box is personalized to create a unique experience for your guests for any type of event, some fun themes we’ve incorporated are:

*Please select the box or boxes of your choice and we will contact you to customize the details.

    Kids Craft Boxes:

    (starting at $50/ea +shipping)

    Let your kids create something special that shows they can sit still long enough to say I Love You.

    Custom Birthday Box Boxes:

    (starting at $125/ea +shipping)

    Custom birthday box for the birthday girl/boy recipient.

    • Mini bottle of Wine/champagne

    • Wine or champagne glass

    • Birthday treat-cupcake, macaroons, favorite dessert

    Birthday add-ons

    yoga or workout lessoncooking classmake up tutorialhair tutorial

    *All add-ons come with a custom accessory for the activity

    Wham Bam Experience Boxes:

    (starting at $150 +shipping)

    All come with snacks and drinks plus specialized item


    Play all day for a special Day.

    • Custom PlayStation or Xbox controller

    • Cannabis item (california only)

    • Custom ashtray

    • Snack

    • Drink preference (beer, energy drink, etc)

    For the one that loves the ocean!

    • Fitness related healthy snacks

    • 10lt blue classic IceMule cooler

    • Yeti cup (color options-black, gray, navy)

    • Snack

    • Drink preference (beer, energy drink, etc)

    Upgrade Cooler:

    • Gray 23lt pro cooler +$55

    • Black 33lt pro cooler +$75

    Who doesn’t want to grill out, especially these days!

    • Branding iron(options would be customization-name, logo, initial)

    • Wood chip assortment

    • Sauces

    • Marinade

    • Rub assortment

    • Drink preference (beer, energy drink, etc)

    Have a time out with all the essentials needed to be in “time out” for the day!

    • Sweet/savory snacks

    • Alcohol or drink of choice

    • Yeti Tumblr

    • Stretchy pants or pj’s

    Add on:

    • zoom reflexology session for head, or foot therapy. One is the Guinea pig and the partner gets to learn! $100

    For the mom that likes to be active, or wants to be!

    • Fitness related healthy snacks

    • Water bottle

    • Wine or champagne for that post workout break

    • Wine or champagne glasses

    • JS activewear leggingsCoffee

    Add on:

    • zoom fitness class with top tier trainer Teriann Krefting! $75

    Who doesn’t want to relax, especially these days!

    • At home manicure kit

    • Wine/champagne

    • Set of Glasses(hand painted optional)

    • Zoom makeup tutorial with Lynn Simpson


    • Zoom reike session $35+

    Other fun extras

    Front porch photo sesh with @kristingramAmazing, jaw-dropping floral bouquets by @birchandboneMixology lessonsCooking classes (from genre cooking to baking to creating a cheeseboard/grazing platter, etc)

    Local add-ons

    CakeBalloon installation or bouquetCannabisAlcoholCustom gift for recipientMusic/entertainment

    We can carry the perfect box for your loved one, we know everyone is unique and so are our WHAM BAM BOXES!

    About the Boxes

    WBE intends to carry on the most valuable aspect of any event-bringing people together, whether virtually or in-person, to honor and love on each other.  Every guest will receive a Wham Bam Box, sanitized and enclosed inside another shipping box, with an antibacterial kit and gloves attached alongside a personalized invitation to the virtual party when the box is to be opened. When all members of the event are online, they will open the boxes together and begin the party. As in our events, we taylor each event to our unique and individual clients!


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    • We can ship usps flat rate where applicable, or Fedex/ups.



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